About me

Well..there is a page for me. Might as well write something..only problem is what do write about?

Let’s put down the basics:
My name is Kristina, English version is Christina.
I’m from Estonia (if you haven’t heard then look it up. It does exist.) so if I make any grammatical or spelling mistakes then please take in mind that English is not my first language.
I was born in 1996 (do the math)
Currently an university student.

Some random facts:

I play the violin.
I’m allergic to chocolate (tragic, I know).
I’m blonde and proud. (Experimenting period therefore right now my hair is burgundy/dark violet).
I love to cook but only for other people.
I can speak Estonian, English, Russian and a little bit of Mandarin, Finnish and Korean.
I’m afraid of heights and spiders.
My first concert I ever went to was Rihanna’s which at the time was amazing but now compared to other concerts I’ve been to…not so much.
I want to learn how to play the guitar.
When I was little, I was left-handed but my parents thought me how to write with my right-hand so now I can write with my both hands.

Now kdrama related information:

I got into kdrama in 2013 (January I think).
My favourite actors: Ji Chang Wook, Jo In Sung, Lee Jong Suk.
Favourite actresses: Lee Bo Young, Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin.
Favourite kdramas: “Flower Boy Next Door”, “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Master’s Sun”, “God’s Gift – 14 Days”, “Fated To Love You”, “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, “Healer”, “The Good Wife”

Am I into kpop? Well yes I am. I’m a proud Inspirit and Nam Woohyun is my ultimate bias, so if you want to talk about kpop, I’m all ears. I also like CNBLUE, Spica, EXO, Mamamoo, Ailee, Roh Ji Hoon, Red Velvet, Girls Generation, TVXQ and that list goes on and on.


So I think that this is enough about me and I hope that you enjoy my blog.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. kelly199865 says:

    Yay! just stumbled upon your blog and I like it already^^ Can’t wait to spazz with you about my oppas! My first language is not English too! It’s so cool because you are actually the only blogger I follow that is nearest to me.(I’m from Ireland so yay Europe!) I love kdrama as well as kpop too! Nice to meet you:D

    • inspiredfan says:

      Hey! Thank you for liking this blog! I’m pretty new with this blooging thing so I’m really happy that somebody likes waht I do. Yay for Europe! Nice to meet you too. =)

  2. Sovanna says:

    Hi! I’ve just read your blog and I love it!! Its nice to know people who also has their hearts on kdramas like moi. Please keep on writting!!

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