THE”Descendants of the Sun”


One of the most popular dramas of 2016 – “Descendants of the Sun”. I’m afraid to say this but I don’t think it is as good as people make it out to be. I can see why it is so popular and yes, I liked it but I’m not going crazy over this drama.

I like the story and I like the characters. The main love line is crazy good. I welcomed the absence of love triangle with open arms. There’s no push-and-pull game, no make-him-jealous foolishness. There’s communication, attraction, playfulness and overall it looks really believable and cute. The story line is pretty unique as well at least I haven’t seen a military-themed drama before this. Or maybe it’s the uniforms made it great (especially on Joong Ki and Jin Goo).

However, there are parts that I don’t like at all. I hate how cliché the storyline is in the end. It has this American feel to it and by that I mean the last minute escapes and confessions that are characteristic the mainstream American movies… It makes me cringe so hard and it’s the reason why I’ve stopped watching those American movies. In this drama, I felt that the cliches were unnecessary and they kind of ruined this drama for me. I also wasn’t feeling the love story between the second leads. For me, the acting was just a bit too stoic and unbelievable. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won were great otherwise but when they had a scene together I just couldn’t watch it. It felt a bit awkward. But that’s just my opinion (don’t kill me please).

I was not expecting non-Koreans in this drama. Usually, I hate those actors because their acting is horrendous (I still remember the awful English-speaking actors in Heirs), however, I honestly enjoyed their performance in this drama. This is maybe the only drama where I wasn’t cringing at the English parts (except a few Joong Ki lines but he nailed most of the English). I LOVED Song Hye Kyo in this drama. Some of my favorite scenes of 2016 are from this drama and they all include her. She is absolutely brilliant and I will definitely keep an eye on what she does next.

So you see, I have parts that I love and parts that I hate. Overall, it is a good drama. If you haven’t seen this (by some miracle) then definitely check it out. But for me, this isn’t THE drama of 2016.


Song Joong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin

Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yeon

Jin Goo as Seo Dae Young

Kim Ji Won as Yoon Myeong Joo


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