“Yong Pal”


Another drama I had high hopes for. I was ready for Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won to rock my drama world. I was hoping for a mindblowing action-romance drama. I was let down once again.

It starts out great. The plot is set-up well, it peaks your interest, Joo Won works his magic; I was hooked. Then as the episodes went on, I started to wonder, what is Kim Tae Hee’s purpose in this drama. She’s an excellent actress but she is only sleeping in this drama. And when she finally wakes up the plot turns the drama into a ‘makjang’. I still continued to watch it because the beginning is really good and I was hoping the ending somehow saves the whole thing. However, in the end, it feels like the writers had a great idea but had no clue how to develop it. The last episode was just ‘meh’.

Joo Won is great; he is amazing in everything. I have no complaints with him. I wish I had seen more variety in Kim Tae Hee’s acting. She only had one role: act sick. And she had to play sick till the end. I’m not kidding when I say till the VERY END. She is much more capable than that, I only wish the writers would have realized what she can actually do.

As you can see I’m not very amazed by this drama. The beginning is good and all but I’m so disappointed with the second half of the drama. Watch it for Joo Won, its the only reason I can think of.


Joo Won as Kim Tae Hyun

Kim Tae Hee as Han Yeo Jin

Jo Hyun Jae as Han Do Joon

Chae Jung An as Lee Chae Young


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