The Girl Who Can See….Smells?


I started watching “The Girl Who Sees Smells” because of its weird title and continued to watch it because of its quirky characters. I don’t know how or why somebody thought of the idea of seeing smells but it actually worked. I was also surprised.

The plot is really unique and quirky but also quite mysterious and thrilling. The jokes are quite ‘Korean’ which I think adds to the quirkiness of the drama. The seriousness of the mystery doesn’t let the drama to become a total mess of mixed humor. The writers really know how to heighten the suspense and then leave you hanging.

Namkoong Min really knows how to play a villain. He has this ability to change his facial expressions in a second and it will give you the chills. I truly enjoyed his performance and cannot wait to see what he does next. Park Yoo Chun managed to impress me. He can act quite well for an idol and he did not make anything awkward but played his part quite believably even though his character was anything but realistic. It is always a miss or hit with Shin Se Kyung for me. She was amazing in “Tazza 2” but I hated her in “When a Man Loves”, therefore, I had low expectations. However, she was actually not that bad in this. Honestly, I thought she was not capable of pulling off this weird character but she proved me wrong.

Don’t ignore this drama because it has a weird title. It is something special in terms of uniqueness and its comedy. Even though it is not on my must-see list, it’s still quite entertaining and thrilling to watch. If you like weird comedy and mystery then go for it.


Park Yoo Chun as Choi Moo Gak

Shin Se Kyung as Oh Cho Rim/Choi Eun Seol

Nam Goong Min as Kwon Jae Hee

Yoon Jin Seo as Yeom Mi


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