“Liar Game” with a hint of Sherlock

Liar Game

If you liked “Phantom” with So Ji Sub or “God’s Gift – 14 Days” with Lee Bo Young or any dramas where mind games and action don’t let the romance bloom between any of the characters, then you are going to love this drama. “Liar Game” gives you the most mind f’ck situations and Sherlock-styled solutions in a Korean drama.

Honestly, Shin Sung Rok’s character Kang Do Young doesn’t fall far behind from Andrew Scott’s Jim Moriarty in terms of making you feel uncomfortable with their dangerous gaze or just with the evilness. In addition, you have Lee Sang Yoon playing Ha Woo Jin, the character with a permanent stoic expression and the ability to solve any riddle or problem on the spot (like Sherlock..no?). However, they change it up. Not that I’m complaining about the similar characters because Sherlock is my favorite TV show ever.

Kim So Eun’s character Nam Da Jung is like a breath of fresh air among the crazy characters although sometimes a bit too naïve but, in my opinion, it makes this show a bit lighter and easier to digest. I imagine that without her character this drama could have become too serious and too deep for the public including me because we wouldn’t have anybody to relate to. I mean having two psychopaths playing mind games would have made me feel plain stupid so I appreciated the female character with normal IQ.

Now what I am curious about is where is the season 2 that was hinted in the end? It’s not okay to tease us like that. There were some talks in the news that there will be another season but I don’t remember whether they cancelled it or what happened that we still haven’t got another 12 episodes. I have given up hope now since it has been so long therefore, I am disappointed in the ending. I don’t like to be given false hope.

I think it is an amazing drama where you have to think along and pay attention to everything. The actors are amazing, the characters are awesome and the story is great. It loses points only because of the ending. SO if you like mystery, riddles, Sherlock then this is the drama for you.

PS! I’m even more scared of Shin Sung Rok..like “My Love from the Stars” was not enough..


Kim So Eun as Nam Da Jung

Nam Da Jung

Lee Sang Yoon as Ha Woo Jin

Ha Woo Jin

Shin Sung Rok as Kang Do Young

Kang Do Young


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