Healer ep 10 *spoilers*

If you haven’t seen “Healer” ep 10 then I warn you. This post contains spoilers. sooooo *SPOILER ALERT* Go watch it and then come back 🙂

I just had to write about this particular episode mainly because of Ji Chang Wook.
Where the hell did he come from??? Why haven’t I heard of him before??? Can I have one?

I’m seriously enjoying this drama and I’m amazed by his acting skills. He plays the character so well. And I didn’t even know him. Then I stumble upon this drama and baaam (in Joon Hyung’s voice) there he is.

Why I picked this episode 10 is because of one scene where Ji Chang Wook’s character confronts his father’s friend and asks for answers. The emotion when he says that he has nothing to live for and is afraid he’s going to end up committing a suicide like his dad….speechless. I’ve replayed that scene many times. I was truly blown away. The angst and anger feels so real and not awkward at all. I mean if it would have been another actor, I don’t know if it would have been that good.

It’s definitely my most memorable scenes of that drama and I’ve got my eye on Ji Chang Wook now. What an actor. Gosh. Good-looking too.

tumblr_ni9ve8GHGI1svbn7go6_1280 tumblr_ni9ve8GHGI1svbn7go8_1280


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