Fated to Love this drama.

fated to love you

“Fated To Love You” is definitely the best romcom of this year. It’s My favorite romance comedy drama to date. That’s all I have to say. Also this picture describes me so well when I was watching this (credits to donnapie who’s awesome btw):


Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, I applaud them for the amazing acting. They portrayed every emotion so beautifully and naturally that I was crying while watching almost every episode. I just love this drama so much. Jang Nara’s character is the kindest and cutest one in the kdrama history. She was perfect for this role and Jang Hyuk just killed it with his humorous laugh and that dorkiness. Now I want him to be the father of my child or somebody just like him. I miss his laugh!!!

Thank you writernim for this amazing drama. It was an emotional roller coaster but it was worth every tear. Thank you the incredible cast for being perfect. Thank you Ailee for singing this amazing OST song (check out “Goodbye My Love”). I’m definitely going to watch this again and again.

However, I would have loved to see more of how Jang Hyuk’s character would have acted when his wife was giving birth. I bet that would have been hilarious and heart-warming. I TOTALLY recommend this drama but you’re going to be a crying mess. You have been warned.


Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun
Lee Gun

Jang Nara as Kim Mi Young/Ellie Kim
Kim Mi Young

Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel Pitt
Daniel Pitt

Wang Ji Won as Kang Sera
Kang Sera


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