God’s Gift – 14 Days


This drama really moved me with its storyline. I applaud Lee Bo Young and Cho Seung Woo for their amazing acting skills. I applaud every actor in this drama. I was seriously into this drama and the mystery elements got me working my brain cells together with the characters. I guessed some things right but the ending left me dumbfounded.

I usually like open endings but this ending was just too much for me to handle. I loved Ki Dong Chan and I hoped they would solve the crime and get a happy ending they deserve. But nooo… the writers just had to play the cruelest plot twist I have ever experienced. After seeing the end I seriously stared at my computer screen thinking that I’ve been pranked….Like they seriously did that?? I seriously witnessed that??

Anyways I was a mess. So after just staring at the computer screen for ten minutes, I decided to convince myself that the story goes on like this: Kim Soo Hyun saved Ki Dong Chan and Saet Byul, forgave Dong Chan and he became the neighborhood oppa to Saet Byul. Ki Dong Chan and Kim Soo Hyun will not develop feelings for each other because I really liked how they were as friends. SO in my point of view, this drama ended HAPPILY and everyone SURVIVED. Period.

It was really nice to see a drama without any romance. Again, the acting was great. Lee Bo Young amazed me again with her acting skills and I got to know another great actor Cho Seung Woo. Why are all good male actors so handsome and why can’t I be older? And his singing blew me away. Usually the singing parts in a drama make me cringe but this time it wasn’t awkward to watch at all. Another good drama!


Lee Bo Young as Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun

Cho Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan
Ki Dong Chan

Kim Tae Woo as Han Ji Hoon
Han Ji Hoon

Jung Gyu Woon as Hyun Woo Jin
Hyun Woo Jin

Kim Yoo Bin as Han Saet Byul
Han Saet Byul


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