Summer thoughts

So this summer I have discovered many new things.

For example:
1. I found out that I’m a really bad driver (I’m getting better, trust me)
2. I love sleeping outside under the starry sky (thank you Estonian summer for making it possible)
3. I discovered many good Estonian musicians (music festivals rock)
4. I bruise easily (seriously, I always have at least one bruise on one of my legs)
5. I started to dream in English (never happened before and it’s not a bad thing but now before I go to sleep I read a book in Estonian to prevent that from happening)
6. I really love waffles (been on waffle diet)

These are just a few that I remembered. The most important thing I discovered about myself is that I don’t want school to end. I haven’t really thought about graduation and adult life before but this summer as an adult those thoughts just came to me.

Me and my friends were discussing about what we’re planning on doing after graduation. We were all glad to hear that everyone knew what they wanted to do but it also made us very sad. This school year is going to be our last one together. After that we are going to be all on our own. It made us think how good it is to be a teenager, living with your family… But time goes fast and now we’re going to be seniors in high school. I just hope that time would slow down. I want to make everlasting memories with my family and friends. I promise that I will do my best to keep in touch with everyone I love.  ^^

I also thought I’d share some of my favourite summer songs because this summer for me has been filled with music. I’ve been to so many music festivals and made music myself. You never get tired of listening to music, right? =)

My non-English summer jams (nope, not kpop either):

Estonian version of “Tall Fiddler”  (proud to say that I’m friends with violinist and we’ve performed together on the stage):

My kpop jams:




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