Twisted Noona love


The next drama on my watched list is “Big”. I don’t really remember why I chose to watch this drama but I’m glad I did.

There were some things that annoyed me like Suzy’s character. She was just too obsessive and annoying. It was to the point where I started to hate Suzy herself but now I have calmed down and I still love her. Also there was too much push-and-pull going on. Every time things were going good somebody always had a change of heart.

Although this drama was far from perfect I still enjoyed watching it. Why? Because it had a good storyline (fantasy is my weakness), it had noona-dongsaeng love, it was funny and cute, it had Gong Yoo (that body tho) and it had steamy kiss scenes. These good things were enough to keep me hooked and I’m glad I watched it now when all the episodes are available and not when it aired.

Also for me the ending was just perfect. They didn’t show the face of Gyung Joon and I’m just okay with it. For me it would have been too weird if Gyung Joon who through most of the drama had Gong Yoo’s face came back and boom he’s Shin Won Ho. Am I the only one who got so used to Gong Yoo? I know Gyung Joon was supposed to be a teenager but Shin Won Ho looks too young maybe?? Or I just liked seeing Gong Yoo more…

Also we don’t know if in the end they end together or not. We see them meet again but what happens next is also left to our imagination. I loved it. 🙂


Gong Yoo as Seo Joon Jae/Kang Gyung Joon
Seo Joon Jae

Lee Min Jung as Gil Da Ran
Gil Da Ran

Bae Suzy as Jang Ma Ri
Jang Ma Ri

Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young

Shin Won Ho as Kang Gyung Joon
Kang Gyung Joon


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