Quick update =)

I wanted to let you know about what is new for me in kdrama world and other stuff…

Well for starters, Lee Bo Young is back with a new drama “God’s Gift – 14 Days”. I have watched the first episode which left me a very good impression. The ending was just heart-breaking. I simply love Lee Bo Young. I mean who doesn’t? So I’m going to watch that drama..

I have fallen behind on “Emergency Couple” but I’m slowly catching up.

“Melody of Love” is freaking annoying… I can’t decide whether I should stop watching it or not. Seriously though, the characters especially Suim, her mother and Hyeonu’s parents are the worst. Even Deulim’s and Hyeonu’s sweet moments can’t make up for the other characters’ stupidity. I give up.

Soo in other news, today the spring holiday started which means I get a week off from school and I get to watch kdramas more. I’m definitely going to watch “Moon that Embraces the Sun” because I need to see more Kim Soo Hyun! Then I’m thinking of watching “Cunning Single Lady” and well I’m always open for suggestions.

Also I HOPE that the weather forecasters are very wrong with tomorrows forecast because I really don’t want it to snow again. It’s almost spring for crying out loud. Then everything is muddy and dirty again.. This winter really sucked.

PS! I LOVE Toheart’s new album. I’ve been jamming to it every day. “Love is so nutritious” what the .. really?
At first I was like does it even make sense but then I was like does it even need to make sense because the song is catchy as hell.
(Gif not mine)


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