Last episode of “Man From the Stars”

I finally got the chance to watch the last episode of YWCTS. Unfortunately the reason why I’m home alone and watching kdramas is because I’m sick again but the positive aspect about it is I’m home Alone which means I can cry, spazz, laugh as loud as I want. The perfect environment for watching the last episode.

I was so scared of seeing spoilers from this episode that I used my computer for studying only. I don’t know how I managed to stay put and not check my tumblr or any social networks that may contain these kind of disturbing users who like to spoil everything for others because it has happened to me before for example with “I Hear Your Voice” and I was not happy. I didn’t get the whole experience of not knowing how the drama will end. However, for this drama I got on the whole emotional roller coaster.

It took me a while to realize that Do Min Joon really left to his planet after he had said goodbye to Cheon Song Yi. I thought him leaving would be more dramatic and it would happen at the end of the episode. I was prepared for the worst scenario where he vanishes and never comes back. But the writers just had to tease us with the two years passing and no sign of Min Joon and then they give us little snippets of him here and there.

The KISS literally took my breath away. He freaking stops the time, steps out of the crowd, walks up to Cheong Song Yi, puts his jacket on her, hugs her, says he’s real, leans in and BAAAAAAAMM. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you The Perfect Kiss.

That kiss is definitely my favourite and I have lost count to how many times I have replayed it.

Then he disappears and as it turns out he keeps on reappearing and disappearing. So the ending is both a happy one and a sad one. What’s good about it is that they still get to be together, get married, have children an all that jazz but what makes my heart break is that Do Min Joon has no control over disappearing randomly and that makes me feel bad for Cheong Song Yi because she already went through with all that Do Min Joon leaving and now he keeps on doing that to her. I know he will keep on coming back but I can imagine her having her doubts and being scared about if he is going to come back this time or not.

Well I definitely enjoyed this last episode and the ending. As for me reviewing the whole drama, I’ll get to it in time because I’m currently writing short opinions about all the dramas I have watched so I’ll get to this drama eventually. Now that this drama has ended I have a lot of free time on my hands so it shouldn’t take too long. But knowing me I’ll find something else to distract me.

On another note: Who else is freaking out about TOHEART’s debut?? The album sounds amazing from what I’ve listened.  Woohyun X Key ❤


One thought on “Last episode of “Man From the Stars”

  1. kelly199865 says:

    Totally agree with you about the kiss! It wasn’t like a lip-bumping kind of kiss but a real one! You can actually see their emotions at that time through their kiss! I loved it so much:D

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