“Dating Agency: Cyrano” will make your dreams come true.

dating agency cyrano

I started watching this drama with no expectations at all because an idol played the lead character and I didn’t really know what to think of Sooyoung that time. I was not into SNSD that time so I didn’t know anything about her.
Another thing that gained my attention was the age cap between Sooyoung and Jonghyuk. For me it’s important for the lead characters to have chemistry and I was kind of worried if they would have it and show it on screen.

I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked this drama. Sooyoung’s acting was not bad at all and I found myself really liking her character. What made me happier was that the chemistry between Sooyoung and Jonghyuk was there. I was shipping their characters from the first episode till the very end.

As for the story, it was very light and enjoyable. I really liked those side stories and how the main characters made everybody’s wishes come true. They planned everything down to the last detail. Lee Honghyuk’s character reminded me of Sherlock because of how he could foresee every move and come up with the perfect plans.

If I had complain about something it would be the ending which I feel could have done better. I don’t know if I was the only one who got a little confused and lost with the story towards the ending. Also this drama is not very original as it’s based on a movie “Cyrano Agency”.

Other than that I still recommend this drama. It made me laugh and cry (maybe that’s because it’s ridiculously easy to make me cry) and it has its own twists. Oh, and look out for the kissing scene at the end…loved it.


Lee Jong Hyuk as Seo Byung Hoon

seo byung hoon


Choi Soo Young as Gong Min Young

gong min young


Lee Chun Hee as Cha Seung Pyo, “Master”

cha seung pyo


Hong Jong Hyun as Moo Jin

moo jin


Joo Yoon Woo as Do Arang

do arang


One thought on ““Dating Agency: Cyrano” will make your dreams come true.

  1. zhaoul says:

    It feels strange seeing Lee Jong Hyuk in these pics because I just finished watching him in Chuno. I’ve been contemplating watching this but I think you’ve given me a bit of a push an bumped it up a little on my list. Helpful review. Thanks.

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