Korean soap opera “When a Man Falls in Love”

When a Man Loves


What can I say about this drama?  Confused the fudge out of me. Frustrating to watch. I started watching this drama because of Song Seung Hun and I hoped that I would grow to like it but I have to admit that I continued to watch it to see how ridiculous it would get and how it would end. I believe everybody who watched this drama got frustrated with this drama at least once.

The female character Mi Do was annoying as hell. Like she changed her mind for who knows how many times. Also Song Seung Hun’s character was such a brick sometimes. How can you force yourself on a woman like that? Dude, learn to give the woman her space! Although he was pushy and possessive, it didn’t give Mi Do a reason to cheat on him. He should have just said it to his face that he likes someone else. Even if that someone else is his best friend’s brother. But no, she just had to hang on to those two men…ugh I really disliked her.

And do characters in a kdrama  never talk with each other?? If they did then a lot of misunderstandings could have been prevented from happening. It’s like the characters learn to talk to each other and in the end they FINALLY listen to others than themselves and learn the truth. Okay, not every drama is like that but this particular drama had every cliché scenario playing out: memory loss, lead characters near death experience, huge misunderstandings, love triangle, time jump. And the writers just kept throwing every single soap opera scenario at us.

The characters were all a little too extreme for me. The crazy brother/best friend took the crazy to another level, being all delusional and making his own creepy world in is head. Han Tae Sang showed how being posessive is really done. Seo Mi Do was just a confused b*tch if you ask me. Lee Jae Hee thought too much into everything and wow, he was really easy to manipulate. I don’t really remember all the characters but I do remeber JB’s character that I actually liked.

The only good thing I remember is the characters’ music preferences. Who doesn’t love Queen? That was the only positive thing about this drama that I can remember. Well, maybe the shirt ripping scene too. Seung Hun looked really hot doing that! Whewww…

Too old I know.

But well there was also JB.

Okay, that was my opinion.


Song Seung Hun as Han Tae Sang

han tae sang

Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do

Seo Mi Do

Chae Jung An as Baek Seung Joo

Baek Seung Joo

Yeon Woo Jin as Lee Jae Hee

Lee Jae Hee


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