I choose boys over this drama.

Boys Over Flowers Poster 1

“Boys Over Flowers” was the second drama that I watched. Even I couldn’t get pass that drama that I believe is one of those that you watch in the beginning of getting into kdramas. At that time I really enjoyed watching it although some of the characters (leads) were annoying and the story line was very cliché and it took me a while to realise how bad it really was.

The characters were incredible stupid (especially the lead characters) which made them reallllllllly annoying but I have to admit that the other side characters were pretty good…This was a drama where I really wanted the third male character to end up with the lead female character. So this drama was the first one to introduce me to the “third-male-character-syndrome” or whatever it’s called. I always wonder why is it that there is always two guys swooning over one girl…

I definitely wouldn´t watch it again but I would recommend it to those people who are new to the kdrama world because then you see how good the new dramas really are…well it did the trick for me. Besides, those really hot male actors make this drama bearable to watch. So basically you watch this drama because to drool over hot boys and to see Lee Min Ho’s horrible locks that you’ll learn to like.


Ku Hye Sun as Jan Di

jan di

Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo

goo jun pyo

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

yoon ji hoo

Kim Sang Bum as So Yi Jung

so yi jung

Kim Joon as Song Won Bin

song woo bin

Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul

chu ga


3 thoughts on “I choose boys over this drama.

  1. JAZU says:

    I will watch it many times, as playful kiss as others, I like lee min ho in this drama than other in spite of his hair, his acting was incredible, and my beloved Kim hun joong as you say they are the reason to watch it

    • inspiredfan says:

      Yes, the boys make this drama worth watching. But for me the female characters ruin it. But I agree Lee Min Ho was great as well as Kim Hun Joon although as a musician who plays the violin, it was very painful to watch how he acted playing the violin. But I have to admit that he was not the worst when it comes to imitating playing the violin. I was rooting for him though!

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