Cinderella meets korean drama.


My third drama…”My Princess”….Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun… I remember having THE biggest crush on Song Seung Hun even though he is much older than I am but at that time I didn’t care. Later on I realised on my own, yes on my own that I am a little bit too young for him and I was okay with that because I started to ship him for the very first time. Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun or the Honey Couple was the first ship that sailed due to my delusional mind. I was very new to the ‘shipping’ thing so I believed every word somebody said about the couple I was rooting for and well you now how this ship ends. It sank hard when Kim Tae Hee and Rain confirmed that they are seeing each other. But I’ve moved on…

About the drama…well I liked it when I was watching it and I have to say I like it now also. Not love it but it wasn’t a bad drama. It was a light drama with no hardcore drama elements in it like memory loss or huge time jumps. The story line was cliché but the hint of comedy and drama kept it from turning too cheesy. The only thing that I would have to complain is about the relationship between Lee Seol and Park Hae Young. It was too high school level for me. It especially showed from the kiss scenes because they were sloppy and awkward to watch. However, I really liked the ending and the ending kiss scene was better. I would say college level but still better.

Would I recommend this drama? Yes, if you like all those countless remakes of Cinderella then I believe that you will definitely like this drama. Think of this as korean Cinderella. And instead of watching a half and an hour movie you get 16 episodes.


Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol


Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young


Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo


Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo



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