Cry me a river

Not going to talk about JT’s song. Taking this literally.

I’m such a mess right now after watching episode 17 of “Man from the stars”. Like this episode made me cry just as  many times as Do Min Joon cried and to multiply it with the fact that I have a runny nose and a sore throat then what you get is me, a red nosed, red eyed sick person who has a pile of used tissues lying around her and a blanket wrapped around her and who has to got to sleep because she has a test she has to take tomorrow. Well let’s just say that it’s far from pretty. I would post a picture but I wouldn’t wanna scare you off.

Okay…anyway…I can’t with this show. One moment I’m laughing my butt of at a jealous Cheong Song Yi and the next thing I know I’m bawling my eyes out because Do Min Joon is crying and d*mn you Kim Soo Hyun for acting so good that I feel your hurt through the screen!!! I can’t think what I’m going to be when the laste episodes are here…I have to warn everybody in my house that if they hear somebody’s hysteric cries then it’s me. I really hope it doesn’t go that far.

I’m really mad at Do Min Joon…why can’t he abduct her already!!! Why did he tell her that he is staying?? He is going to die fo god sakes! That’s not going to end well. Then she is going to feel guilty about making him stay and die but really?? Abduct her and go have aline babies! I don’t care that Cheong Song Yi would probably die because she need oxygen to breath but…wait how do they breath there?  Is he a amphibian or something?? He said the ‘star’ he came from was very similar to Earth then what’s the problem? How to get there? Freaking piggyback her there..Jesus you’re as strong as a Superman…

Okay…now that that is out of the way I’m just scared of what’s going to happen. I really want this to have an ending that is as realistic as it can be considering that the lead character is an alien… And an ending that is a happy one..hopefully.. Or I’m literally going to cry a river with Do Min Joon.

I’m really scared of Lee Jae Kyung. Shin Sung Rok is doing a p r e t t y good job at makimg himself a bad guy image. I’m really proud of Lee Hwi Kyung like that dude is smart! He might not get the girl but he is pretty good at picking up glues and puttin pieces together. He brought the ex-wife back into the game. Really looking forward to how Jae Kyung is going to get out of that one.

Well these are my current feelings that I decided to but down even though I really should be sleeping but oh well I can sleep tomorrow.

Oh why do you have to cry like that??




They have a lot of kissing scenes in this drama. In episode 17:



Oh and Do Min Joon, Would you be my Valentine?



A girl can dream….


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