Tired but still need to blog…

So today was an interesting day. Went to school, modelled for my friend, who is a designer at a fashion show/ contest, took the catwalk twice because her collection won..then met with this girl who lives at the same place that I do (small country indeed), then Walked home (about 1 km and my feet are killing me right now), ate some chinese and now ending this day with this post.

I need to express my feelings about the last two episodes of “You who came from the stars”. I was really wating for those two episodes as many people I believe. Stayed up to watch the episodes even though the next day I had school..(not pretty). With ep. 14 I was a little dissapointed because it was a little too slow and it only revolved around the one incident. But ep. 15 made up for it AND HOW CAN YOU END IT LIKE THAT. I wanna see some serious happy scenes in the next episode because those happy dreams are not reality and I want them together for real!

Do Min Joon, just abduct her and live a happy life with her on the planet you came from. There’s no Jae Kyung to ruin your lives. If this doesn’t have a happy ending then we’re all screwed. I don’t want to think about how much I will cry if this ends badly, I just can’t!

Well I don’t have much to say about my current feelings partly because I’m tired as hell and well only because of that.

Tomorrow is Nam Woohyun’s birthday 😀 well in 15 minutes in my country it is. Here’s a fact: my ultimate bias from the kpop world is Nam Woohyun from Infinite. Yes, I’m an Inspirit. A proud one.

Recommend Roh Ji Hoon’s new single “A Song For You”. Really a great song and the fact that he wrote it himself makes me respect and like him even more.

Oh and Kim Soo Hyun..stop it okay??



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