Why does it always happen with the best dramas?? Why are drama schedules changed because of national holidays?? It is I, an international fan, who suffers for another week. If they would add another episode to the drama to make it up for the one-episode-week I would be okay with it but I heard that the writers of “You Who Came From the Stars” will not be doing it. Well I understand that because extended episodes can go terribly wrong or make the ending even better.

For example “I Hear Your Voice” faced the same problem that due to a national holiday having the same date as the drama’s airing date, they had to air one episode in one week..but they decided to add one extra episode and I personally loved that they had the drama extended. The ending wasn’t rushed and simply perfect. I can’t imagine how the writers would have done the ending without that one extra episode…

But why can’t the YWCFTS writers do it…I has got me thinking and scared. I’m scared that this drama will not have a happy ending. If it end well then they could extend the drama by showing the characters future but I think that they have it all planned and it’s going to be a sad ending so thay have nothing to show us. I really hope that somebody “accidentally” finds out how the drama is going to end and then the writers have to rewrite the ending. I heard that it happened with “I Hear Your Voice”. That is if the planned ending is a sad one because I really can’t handle those..

I’m scared to watch the final episodes and I don’t have a good feeling about the ending. I really hope I’m wrong. I’m going to be a mess when this drama is over. All we can do is sit, wait and watch.

Me after the drama is over:


Going too end this post cutely..



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