Korean adaptation of “The Good Wife”


“The Good Wife” is definitely my favorite drama of 2016. It’s an adaptation of the American series with the same name and even though I haven’t seen the original version I can say that the Koreans did a great job. One of the reasons why I like kdramas is because I don’t have the patience to watch 8 seasons of one show. Koreans have mastered the art of short series and they are perfect for me.

It is a legal drama and I truly love anything to do with law, therefore I might be little biased. Nevertheless, I love the storyline, the characters and even the ending that left many people unsatisfied. It’s been a while since I last saw a female character this kickass in a Korean drama. In addition, they kept the bisexual character in the Korean version which made me so happy. Bravo to the writers and thank you for the elevator scene; it is my favorite kdrama scene of 2016.

What I like the most about this drama is the amazing acting. I am more than satisfied with the cast, everyone in this drama is perfect. Jeon Do Yeon is my favorite actress, period. After this drama, I watched her other works and I am sold.
Holy smokes Yoon Kye Sang looks good in a suit. My goal in my love life is to find a man who looks at me like Yoon Kye Sang’s character looks at Jeon Do Yeon’s character.
Hot damn, Nana, I didn’t know she could act and I’m in awe how well she pulled this character off. I finally found my ultimate girl crush, therefore thank you, Nana.

The ending leaves room for a season 2 which I would say no to but it is also appropriate enough to end the drama. I personally find it very classy and suitable. I highly recommend this drama to everyone who loves courtroom dramas or detective dramas. You will not be disappointed.


Jeon Do Yeon as Kim Hye Kyung

Yoo Ji Tae as Lee Tae Joon

Yoon Kye Sang as Seo Joong Won

Kim Seo Hyung as Seo Myung Hee

Nana as Kim Dan




Another medical drama (with a very original name) that I was looking forward to because of Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung. The teasers also promised an interesting love story between a teacher and a student. You can say I was hooked.

It starts well: the storyline seems interesting and has a lot of potential. Park Shin Hye’s character is friggin badass in the beginning (I had major girl crush moments). But the plot quickly becomes boring. There’s no development in terms of characters and the story until the very end of the drama. The love story also did not meet my expectations. I was hoping that with experienced actors the romance would be more adult-like but for some reason, the writers went for the cutesy romance (and if you’ve seen Kim Rae Won’s movies…he is far too rough and sexy to be cute). Also, I feel like they never got out of the student-teacher relationship completely, which made it a bit awkward to watch.

I was most impressed by the supporting actors, especially Kim Min Suk. I will definitely be keeping my eye on him. Lee Sung Kyung does a great job with making her character as annoying as possible. Park Shin Hye is always good; I just wish her character stayed badass throughout the whole drama. (I did find one thing about her acting that annoys me and I will never unsee it but I will not ruin her acting for you; you’re welcome)
It was so weird seeing Kim Rae Won in a good-guy role and acting cute… I’ve seen some of his movies and damn I like him in a serious setting, being rough and dirty more. Nothing wrong with his acting in “Doctors” but like Shin Sung Rok will forever be the villain; Kim Rae Won will forever be the Korean gangster in my eyes.

This drama has a good start, mediocre plot and quick ending. Watch it if you like the actors, it is watchable but there’s nothing mind-blowing about it.


Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong

Park Shin Hye as Yoo Hye Jung

Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo

Yoon Kyun Sang as Jung Yoon Do

The cutest”Beautiful Gong Shim”


For me, “Beautiful Gong Shim” is the cutest drama of 2016. The storyline and the quirky characters unexpectedly stole my heart. This drama is a perfect for a refreshing change after watching multiple serious dramas.

The story is light and funny with a sprinkle of supernatural elements to it. It is fast-paced and it has enough mystery to keep you interested throughout the drama. There are clichés and cheesy lines but just the right amount (nothing cringe-worthy). The characters are hilarious, sassy and super lovable. Everything just works so well together and as a result, we have this a d o r a b l e drama.

I LOVE Nam Goong Min. He can pull off a villain character but he can also pull off these sassy, cute, weird characters. I admire his ability to transform himself completely into these polar opposite characters. I was actually impressed with Minah’s acting. I never have high expectations for idol actors/actresses but she pulled this character off. I think she did well with choosing this role as her acting debut because the character suited her well, not to mention she looked absolutely frigging CUTE with that wig!

I think this drama is adorable and cute af. I strongly recommend this drama if you want something light, funny and sassy.
PS! Be careful when Oh Joo Wan is on screen. He’s got a killer eye-smile.


Nam Goong Min as Ahn Dan Tae

Minah as Gong Shim

Seo Hyo Rim as Gong Mi

Oh Joo Wan as Suk Joon Soo

THE”Descendants of the Sun”


One of the most popular dramas of 2016 – “Descendants of the Sun”. I’m afraid to say this but I don’t think it is as good as people make it out to be. I can see why it is so popular and yes, I liked it but I’m not going crazy over this drama.

I like the story and I like the characters. The main love line is crazy good. I welcomed the absence of love triangle with open arms. There’s no push-and-pull game, no make-him-jealous foolishness. There’s communication, attraction, playfulness and overall it looks really believable and cute. The story line is pretty unique as well at least I haven’t seen a military-themed drama before this. Or maybe it’s the uniforms made it great (especially on Joong Ki and Jin Goo).

However, there are parts that I don’t like at all. I hate how cliché the storyline is in the end. It has this American feel to it and by that I mean the last minute escapes and confessions that are characteristic the mainstream American movies… It makes me cringe so hard and it’s the reason why I’ve stopped watching those American movies. In this drama, I felt that the cliches were unnecessary and they kind of ruined this drama for me. I also wasn’t feeling the love story between the second leads. For me, the acting was just a bit too stoic and unbelievable. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won were great otherwise but when they had a scene together I just couldn’t watch it. It felt a bit awkward. But that’s just my opinion (don’t kill me please).

I was not expecting non-Koreans in this drama. Usually, I hate those actors because their acting is horrendous (I still remember the awful English-speaking actors in Heirs), however, I honestly enjoyed their performance in this drama. This is maybe the only drama where I wasn’t cringing at the English parts (except a few Joong Ki lines but he nailed most of the English). I LOVED Song Hye Kyo in this drama. Some of my favorite scenes of 2016 are from this drama and they all include her. She is absolutely brilliant and I will definitely keep an eye on what she does next.

So you see, I have parts that I love and parts that I hate. Overall, it is a good drama. If you haven’t seen this (by some miracle) then definitely check it out. But for me, this isn’t THE drama of 2016.


Song Joong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin

Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yeon

Jin Goo as Seo Dae Young

Kim Ji Won as Yoon Myeong Joo

“Cheese in the Trap”


I haven’t read the “Cheese in the Trap” webtoon thus I had no idea what to expect from this drama. There was a big hype around this drama, which is why I decided to give it a go.

The plot is…interesting. It is relatable and funny but then sometimes it suddenly takes very dark turns. It has a lot of twists which sometimes are predictable but other times you really don’t know what to believe. And I really liked that I was taken aback by the turn of events.
I know there was this up rage about the ending. I was mad at it as well at first but I understand why they did it like that and I’m completely fine with it (the author of the manhwa didn’t want the drama’s ending to be similar to the webtoon’s, therefore they had to do something different). I have come to like the open ending a lot. Makes you work your own imagination on how the story will go on. And it is a very good promotion for the webtoon by making people interested on how that will end.

The cast was really good. Kim Go Eun nailed her role; she is one of my new favorites based on this performance.
Seo Kang Joon is forever my favorite flower boy. I love when the writers use actor’s talents and in this case, how they used Kang Joon’s piano playing skills. Simply put he is amazing.
I want to applaud Lee Sung Kyung for this extraordinary and magnificent performance. She is quickly becoming my favorite actress on this kdrama land. She took the money-crazed bitch role to a whole new level. I’m truly in love with Sung Kyung.
With Park Hae Jin I’m a bit torn. Maybe it’s the character that was supposed to be this serious and emotionless because he seemed a bit too manhwa-like. It was as if he just stepped out of a webtoon and it did not seem to go well with the other realistic and totally relatable characters. Maybe it’s just me and he nailed the role but I just can’t quite figure out whether I like his performance in this drama or not. I guess I need to read the manhwa to figure that out.

I truly recommend this drama. It is light but it is unexcitingly dark at times and it is relatable (yes, I like relatable stuff). Just be warned that the ending might not be what you are expecting but still the story makes up for it.


Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung

Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol

Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho

Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha

Park Min Ji as Jang Bo Ra

Nam Joo Hyuk as Kwon Eun Taek

“Yong Pal”


Another drama I had high hopes for. I was ready for Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won to rock my drama world. I was hoping for a mindblowing action-romance drama. I was let down once again.

It starts out great. The plot is set-up well, it peaks your interest, Joo Won works his magic; I was hooked. Then as the episodes went on, I started to wonder, what is Kim Tae Hee’s purpose in this drama. She’s an excellent actress but she is only sleeping in this drama. And when she finally wakes up the plot turns the drama into a ‘makjang’. I still continued to watch it because the beginning is really good and I was hoping the ending somehow saves the whole thing. However, in the end, it feels like the writers had a great idea but had no clue how to develop it. The last episode was just ‘meh’.

Joo Won is great; he is amazing in everything. I have no complaints with him. I wish I had seen more variety in Kim Tae Hee’s acting. She only had one role: act sick. And she had to play sick till the end. I’m not kidding when I say till the VERY END. She is much more capable than that, I only wish the writers would have realized what she can actually do.

As you can see I’m not very amazed by this drama. The beginning is good and all but I’m so disappointed with the second half of the drama. Watch it for Joo Won, its the only reason I can think of.


Joo Won as Kim Tae Hyun

Kim Tae Hee as Han Yeo Jin

Jo Hyun Jae as Han Do Joon

Chae Jung An as Lee Chae Young



I had big expectations going into this drama. I mean how can you not with names like Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun? However, I also have to confess something. I haven’t seen the last episode of “Producer”. The reason being simple: it is boring.

I hate that I find this drama boring because the cast is superb but the plot is just not doing them justice. The pacing of the plot is slow, anticlimactic, and somewhat pointless. It had a promising start and I think that’s why I managed to pull through the 11 episodes. But nothing was happening with the plot. What makes me even sadder is that there was some great potential to spice up the plot and make something happen but the writers didn’t do it. There was no visible character development, the little romance was going nowhere, and the point of the drama completely bypassed me. It could just be me who missed it or maybe the moral of the drama is in the last episode that I didn’t watch.

I’m going to keep this review short since I didn’t actually finish the drama. Let me know whether the last episode is worth watching and I’ll do it. Right now, I am not impressed with this drama.


Cha Tae Hyun as Ra Joon Mo

Gong Hyo Jin as Tak Ye Jin

Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan

IU as Cindy